Alan Malta


Editorial & Advertising


The image offers more value than ever. A masterful photograph transmits the concept of what you are selling or offering in a subjective way and that is how you can give that extra step to rise your business



We talk about your idea and needs to form a concept matching your products or image to your values and objectives



We organize a photo session, solo or in tandem with other professionals, in order to bring the concept to life. The location can range from your house to a professional studio - we'll adapt to bring quality to the concept



I carefully select and edit each image to prepare high-quality files, easily adaptable to numerous platforms such as your website, social media, advertisement, artwork print or to be applied in menus and commercial flyers

It works for anyone looking to improve their image on the market. From small entrepreneurs to large companies, speakers and influencers concerned about their image on the media or in good advertising

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Alan Malta 

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